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Personal Development

Varsity Scouting stresses personal development through Spiritual Growth, Leadership, Citizenship, Social, Cultural Attributes and Physical Fitness. Advancement toward the Eagle Scout rank is also encouraged. Varsity Scouts may also take part in opportunities emphasizing Conversation, Academics, and Scholarship. 

The personal development of each Varsity Scout team member is very important. A tremendous challenge of Varsity Scouting is to use team and individual activities to encourage worthwhile personal development. For that reason, personal development is one of the five fields emphasis of very Varsity Scout Team.

Suggestions for individual and team activities for the Personal Development emphasis in Varsity Scouting:

  • Religious Services
  • City Council meetings
  • Plays and Roadshows
  • Scout Sundays
  • Drug Abuse Seminars
  • Helping the Disadvanted

  • Physical Fitness Programs
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • CPR Training
  • Volunteering at a Hospital