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Building a Woofum Stick
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A Letter From President Monson
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Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge - Miramar Gun Club

National Outdoor Badge/Medal of Outdoor Achievement

SAR Merit badge Requirements

Merit Badge Counselor Application

Books for Reference

Varsity Play Book: Download Here,The Play Book, prepared under the guidance of the Young Men general presidency, is now available as a supplement to the Boy Scouts of America's Varsity Guide Book. Download Addendum to Varsity Play Book

Program Features: Download Here, Three volumes of program features support the high-adventure/sports program field of emphasis.

Each program feature contains resource materials that will prepare a team for an ultimate adventure or sports season. The high-adventure areas are backpacking, canoe camping, caving, cycling, discover America, fishing, freestyle biking, frontiersman, mechanics, orienteering, rock climbing and rappelling, snow camping, survival, and whitewater canoeing. Each feature contains approximately three months of program.

The sports program features contain basic rules, techniques, and strategies for basketball, bowling, cross-country skiing, roller hockey, shooting sports, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, and water skiing.

Varsity Scout Guidebook: Download Here, The Varsity Scout Guidebook is used by adult leaders and youth in Varsity Scouting.

Boy Scout Handbook: The Boy Scout Handbook contains information devoted to Varsity Scouts and supporting the Varsity Scout program.

Troop/Team Record Book: The Troop/Team Record Book is used to record member information, rank advancement, and financial records.

Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start: The Varsity Scout Leader Fast Start video supports the orientation of new Varsity Scout leaders.

Varsity Scout Leader Fundamentals: This is a three-part training program for training adult Varsity Scout leaders.

Varsity Scout Roundtable Planning Guide: The Varsity Scout Roundtable Planning Guide supports the programs outlined in the program features.

Varsity Scout Coach Start-Up: This literature is designed to help a new Coach get a team off to a good start.

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